I have collected soooooo many links to great tutorials, articles, tips, tricks, techniques, ideas, inspiration, and all sorts of other stuff. Here is where I keep the links for myself. Since this is public, maybe it will be useful to you, as well.

Resources for Girls Wanting to Get Into STEM

Big shout out to Brielle for giving me a link to start this section! :) Go be an engineer, Brielle!

Tips for Getting Girls Involved in STEM - SAM Reader Brielle sent me this link from ITHARE.com. From the ITHARE About page: [They are a collection of] H.A.R.E.[s], which stands for “Honest And Restless Engineer”. Other H.A.R.E. rabbits may include other sub-species, such as “Heartless And Rough Engineer”, or “Hyperactive And Rebellious Engineer”, or even “Harebrained And Reckless Engineer”. Overall, some scientists argue that all H.A.R.E.s can be described by the following formula: H[a-z]* And R[a-z]* Engineer, but this is still a subject of numerous debates within Rabbit Academia.

I borrowed their links for getting girls into STEM and put them here, as well, to help spread the love:

The Society of Women Engineers – Learning - The world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology.

The Association for Women in Mathematics Programs - The Association for Women in Mathematics sponsors a variety of programs and awards to encourage girls and women in the mathematical sciences.

Women in Technology International - WITI's mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

National Girls Collaborative Project - The vision of the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) is to bring together organizations throughout the United States that are committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Getting Girls Interested in Science - Article (May 21, 2015) by By Kerri Jansen of Metro Parent for Southeast Michigan - Think girls aren't naturally interested in STEM? Turns out our culture may be turning them off before they even get a chance to enjoy scientific subjects.

Girls Inc. Girls in STEM - Girls Inc. provides year-round after-school programming, weekend activities, and experiences that expand upon and support girls’ STEM learning and engagement.

How to Engage Girls in Science - This guide gathers select print and electronic resources for educators, parents, researchers, and young women on how to get girls (particularly middle and high school aged) interested in science and scientific careers.

Inspiring Girls to Pursue Careers in STEM - An informal group of scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center (PCMSC) decided to help inspire girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) on Earth Day, April 22, 2013.

Encouraging Girls in Math and Science – What Works - A guide to provide teachers with specific recommendations for encouraging girls in math and science that can be carried out in the classroom without requiring systemic change. Other school personnel having direct contact with students, such as coaches, counselors, and principals, will also find the guide useful.

Effective STEM Programs for Adolescent Girls - A PDF document about three approaches (and “many lessons learned”) to effective STEM programs for adolescent girls. Written by Harriet S. Mosatche, Susan Matloff-Nieves, Linda Kekelis, and Elizabeth K. Lawner

Girl Scouts – STEM - From the page: “Research shows that girls are keenly interested in STEM and excel at it. Yet, for a variety of reasons, girls often don’t pursue STEM—starting as early as elementary school.” Girls Scouts is helping to change that.

Electronics Tutorials and References


Rohm - Electronics Fundamentals - This is a pretty big, but well-curated collection of articles and links for understanding basic electronic components. It was sent to me by someone and now I can't stop looking through it. LOTS of great information and learning resources.

All About Circuits - This site is one of the best collections of everything electronics tutorial on the interwebs. Videos, articles, forums... The community on AAC is loaded with electrical and electronic engineers helps others. The content is crazy expansive and really well done.

AVR and Arduino

AVR Libc Reference Manual at Atmel.com - Wealth of information on the AVR Libc library, including tips and techniques for just about anything.

AVRFreaks.net - A great place for help and info from the community on Atmel's AVR microcontrollers. The answer is usually here.

http://www.avr-asm-download.de/beginner_en.pdf - Beginners Introduction to the Assembly Language of ATMEL-AVR-Microprocessors by Gerhard Schmidt

http://avr-asm.tripod.com/ - Another great AVR assembler site with tons of examples.

http://www.atmel.com/Images/doc1497.pdf - From Atmel themselves: Efficient C Coding for AVR (Document AVR035)

AVRbeginners.net - Good (but kinda old, updated 2004) stuff on beginning AVR, including C and Assembly tutorials and code

http://www.societyofrobots.com/robotforum/index.php?topic=6411.0 - Hacking through the Arduino Library, a Society of Robots forum discussion on the inner workings of the Arduino library

http://neil.franklin.ch/Projects/SoftVGA/ - SoftVGA - AVR based Software-only VGA Display Generator

http://www.dharmanitech.com/2008/11/small-dc-motor-control-by-pwm-method.html - Simple PWM DC motor control using MOSFET H-Bridge with AVR ATmega8

http://extremeelectronics.co.in/ - Great tutorials on AVR and PIC chips and programming. Great sample projects, too.

http://www.dharmanitech.com/ - Design with Microcontrollers - microSD ATmega32 Data-Logger

http://www.engr.sjsu.edu/bjfurman/courses/ME106/ME106pdf/servo-atmel.pdf - Interfacing a Servo to the ATmega16x

General Electronics

http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/ - Great articles and tutorials on basic electronics and theories, including soldering tips. Good beginner information can be found here.

http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/ - Another absolutely fantastic electronics tutorial site. This is a must-read. The tutorials are quite in-depth, but easy to follow. Get there. Read it.

http://everything2.com/title/555+Timer - A tutorial on the ubiquitous 555 time chip. Good read.

http://i2c-bus.org/fileadmin/ftp/i2c_bus_specification_1995.pdf - The I2C-bus and how to use it (including specifications)

http://www.beyondlogic.org/usbnutshell/usb1.shtml - As the title says: USB in a Nutshell. Great primer on USB, especially if you're looking to dig into it and really understand it.

http://www.csgnetwork.com/serial.html - Great RS-232 and EIA-232 connectors and cabling information

http://www.arcelect.com/rs232.htm - RS232 Data Interface - a Tutorial on Data Interface and cables

ElectronicsClub.info - A website for anyone wishing to learn about electronics or build simple projects. Written for beginners but used by many others as a quick reference.

http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/ - Really well-written tutorials on all sorts of electronics topics. I stumbled across this one searching for information on Charlieplexing ICs from Maxim. There are good tutorials on the I2C and SPI protocols, touch screens, LCDs, etc. Visit this place. It's cool.

Best Microcontroller Projects - Good collection of projects and information on microcontrollers.

http://circuitcalculator.com/ - Collection of very handy circuit calculators, like trace widths and whatnot. Super handy.

http://www.mcuexamples.com/PCB-Trace-width-calculator.php - Also, a nice little circuit trace width calculator. I dig it.

http://sound.westhost.com/beginners.htm - From Elliott Sound Products - Great information on audio and this link in particular talks about the passive components used in audio circuity. Very educational.

http://101science.com/eleclinks.htm - More awesome links to electronics projects and tutorials. There are a plethora of great links in here, including tutorials and explanations of the basics and the physics behind electronics. I referenced this a lot in the early days of my tinkering.

http://www.cabl.com/restaurant/electronics.html - Not sure why "restaurant" is in their URL, but it's a good list of electronics information, to be sure.

SpritesModes.com - Great reference material, tutorials and demonstrations of microcontroller projects.

Fundamentals of Electricity - A great work by Ray Dall. If you read it, please consider donating to him. He's done a really excellent job of 'splaining all that electrical stuff simply and clearly.

LCD03 - I2C/Serial LCD Tutorial - Great info on I2C and LCDs and it's specific for a pack but good for general reading.

USB/LCD Part 1 (SerLCD on FT232L) - Directly drive the serLCD from Sparkfun from a (serial) USB connection using the Sparkfun Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial.

Open On-Chip Debugger (OpenOCD) User's Guide - It is what it says!

HobbyProjects.com - Explore Electronic Circuits and Tutorials - Discover Engineering Hobby Projects - Computer Based Microcontroller Projects - Science Experiment Videos

Best-Microcontroller-Projects.com - Microcontroller tools, projects and tutorials designed by a professional electronics design engineer

Discover Circuits - I found this one searching for crystal oscillator circuits, but it has so much more!

Curious Inventor -Tutorials, Tools, Parts, Kits for DIY'ers. Great video demos and tutorials, too.

Instructable on Extreme Surface Mount Soldering

http://talkingelectronics.com/FreeProjects/5-Projects/Page16.html - The Flip Flop (as in, make it by hand with regular components and learn how it works. Very cool.

http://www.peltier-info.com/ - Peltier Device  (Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater/Generator Modules) Information Directory

http://code.rancidbacon.com/Electronics - Great directory for tutorials, software and documentation on electronics for hobbyists

Bipolar Junction (BJT) H-Bridges - A great tutorial (long and full of great information) on building an H-Bridge with transistors

Circuit Lab MOSFET Switching Inductive Loads (motors, solenoids, etc.) - Reference diagram for doing this. Handy to have.

Electronic-Tutorials.ws MOSFET as a switch - I have them linked above, but this is a direct link to the MOSFET switch circuit tutorial (handy)

PWM Motor Speed Controller / DC Light Dimmer - Schematic and tutorial on how to build one.


RF 101 Information for the RF Challenged from Linx - Great primer on RF. From the note: "This application note goes to great lengths to remove the mysteries of RF."

Simple RF Wireless Link with A434 434 MHz Wireless RF Modules - Uses AVR C, example uses a clean and simple packet with CRC8 to make sure packets are intact across the air. Nicely done and short and simple.

http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000976_G.pdf - XBee®/XBee-PRO® ZB RF Modules full-on documentation on using Xbee modules (may not be beginner level, but a definite must-have link if you're working with the Xbee modules)

Code & Programming Resources


Many to insert...

PID Stuff

http://brettbeauregard.com/blog/2011/04/improving-the-beginners-pid-introduction/ - Great beginner intro in C

The Arduino PID Library - http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/PIDLibrary - It is what it says it is. :)

Noteworthy Electronic Components

(My Place to Remember Parts for Later)

Microchip MCP73831/2 -  - Miniature Single-Cell, Fully Integrated Li-Ion, Li-Polymer Charge Management Controllers

BQ24195 - Management/Charging

MAX17043 & MAX17044 - Fuel gauge - Compact, Low-Cost 1S/2S Fuel Gauge with Low-Battery Alert

Microchip MRF24J40MB 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee transceiver module with integrated antenna. I have not used one, yet, but it's on my list to play with. Looks like a cool solution for remote control, especially over longer distances.

 Vishay SMD IRF640SPBF N-Channel MOSFET 200V 18A at Mouser

Maker and Electronics Sources

Note: Just to be clear, distributors are listed on the right side of the pages of my blog. This is a list of searches for specific things you might need or for unusual specific parts.

FindTape.com - AMAZING resource for all your tape needs! Gaffer's tape, double-sided Nitto tape... You name it, they have it.

GREAT search of Switching Regulators at Digi-Key - If you want to make your projects more efficient, first of all, by the power of Ohm's law, lower your voltages! But secondly, switch to a switching regulator! It's EASY! Some are drop-in replacements for linear regulators and they're WAY more efficient. Your batteries will thank you, trust me.

Another Switching Regulator Saved Search at Digi-Key - Same as above, with slightly more refined parameters that brought up more selections. Both searches contain worthwhile parts to order, for sure.

http://shop.moderndevice.com/products/wind-sensor - Modern Device have a growing collection of sensors and components and especially breakout boards. There is an interesting wind sensor that I've been meaning to try that works on temperature or some sorta thing. Neat.

http://www.superdroidrobots.com/shop/default.aspx - A robotics supply place with a great selection of parts and kits.

CIT Relay & Switch - http://www.citrelay.com/ - A great selection of switches and relays.

Allied Electronics Industrial Connectors Section - http://www.alliedelec.com/industrial-connectors/ - I used a few different hefty industrial connectors for the Office Chairiot and this place is a good source for just about any type you can imagine.

Mechanical, Build and Non-electronic Information

Fully On-Line Gear Generator - An AMAZING utility if you want to quickly created gears and even TRY THEM live in your browser. Output them to SVG and import them into your favorite CAD system for 3D printing.

Understanding and Using DC Motor Specifications - Great PDF on working with and understanding motors including wheels and specs and whatnot.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L3rirpTdaY - EnviroTex  Lite thick clear polymer coating for protecting surfaces of projects and whatnot. Cool stuff! Haven't used it, but heard about it from a few others.

MAX CLR-TC (and other polymer products) from Polymer Products (and demonstration video) - Low surface blemish and air entrapment clear coating that's easy to use and makes for a super smooth and air-bubble-free coating. (The non-store website is here.)

Miscellaneous Other Sources

Box Enclosures, Inc. is a full service designer, manufacturer and supplier of injection molded plastic enclosures, handheld electronic enclosures, instrument cases and anodized extruded aluminum enclosures.

Peau Productions - Touch screens, interactive hardware, software... Many great products and solutions for interactive anything!

Animated Knots - How to Tie Knots - Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care

B+N Industries, Inc. - Innovative designer and manufacturer of products and systems for the retail, architectural, and consumer industries.

Displays2go - http://www.displays2go.com/ - A cool source of inspiration or products for everything A/V, like podiums, booth backdrops, product displays, portable display options, etc.

NASA Searchable Photos - http://nasaimages.lunaimaging.com/ - NASA has accumulated arguably one of the best collections of space-age photos on earth. Search them and get them here.

A Handyman’s Guide to Tinkering (at HomeAdvisor.com)

Great Bourbon Links

Because bourbon is delicious!

Kentucky Bourbon Festival - Go to Bardstown, KY! It's so much fun! From the home page: "The Kentucky Bourbon Festival gives you 6 full days of smooth Bourbon, delicious food, and great entertainment, with a healthy dose of Kentucky hospitality thrown in for good measure."

Kentucky Bourbon Trail - Do it! It's a HOOT! In fact, while you're at the above Kentucky Bourbon Festival, why NOT? You're there. Enjoy the festivities and then enjoy the tours and tastings. Tour the 8 member distilleries in and around the Louisville/Lexington area of Kentucky, very definitely the bourbon capitol of the world.

The official tour document for my I Heart Bourbon Tour 2013 (PDF) I put on for a bunch of good friends. I thought I'd throw it up here because it had some cool info and photos in it.

Bourbon Whipped Cream - This is dee-lish-uss. But, more importantly, the recipe is a comic strip from the brilliant Cooking Comically website. Enjoy!