Fix Missing Comments Problem in Notepad WordPress Theme

Some of you regulars may have noticed that comments were magically not appearing at the bottom of some of the posts on this blog. I snooped around in the code behind the theme and discovered one line of PHP that caused comments to sometimes show and sometimes not show. I'd like to share what I found to help others who are having the same problem. Let me add this little tidbit: I LOVE this Notepad theme by Nick La ( His work is Very excellent. I contacted Nick through his contact form to let him know about the one-line fix to the comments.php file in his theme. I had installed this theme when my blog was running as WordPress 2-something, not 3.

Here is the easy fix: Edit your comments.php file and find this line (roughly line 24):


Change it to this:


Update the file (save it). That should solve the issue.