Updated Office Chairiot Mark II Systems Schematic

I just can't get motivated to diagram the circuits in the Office Chairiot Mark II. I've drawn a number of rough functional block diagrams of the systems and I've even drawn the printed circuit boards in Adobe Illustrator (because that's how I make my PCBs). But, I just haven't gotten up the energy to recreate the schematics for them so that I could eventually make more boards of higher quality through a PCB fab house.

Then, this past Saturday, while working on optimizing the LCD menu string storage code for the control panel  (more on that coming in a blog post soon), I glanced over at a circuit diagram I'd taped to the cabinet above my electronics workbench a couple of years ago. That moment is when I realized the genius comic artist over at xkcd.com had already done it for me:

"Circuit Diagram" web comic by xkcd.com

"Circuit Diagram" web comic by xkcd.com

I'm fairly certain that's a reasonable facsimile of the actual circuits on the Office Chairiot Mark II, right down to the Flux Capacitor at the north end of I-95 above.

Thanks, xkcd.com, for saving me a TON of work! Now, the big question: Can you get me the Gerber files for that?