Sharp Clock (Saw Blade Recycling)

Puns are awesome. Saw Blade Clock

Run down to your local craft or hobby store and grab a $7 quartz clock movement thing. Sand the crap out of the face of an old saw blade. Get a permanent ink pad (I used black and some squishy clear stamp things) and stamp the numbers on the face. Hang it in your workshop or garage.

I bought the clock with a 1/4" stem (or whatever they call it) (the thing that sticks out of the face of your clock to which the clock arms are connected) from Michaels. There are different depths. This was the least of all of them. Saw blades are not thick.

I sanded the heck out of the face of the saw blade. Got it as clean and "brushed" as possible. This, I would think, allows the ink to "soak" into the brushiness of the metal and stick a little better. At least, it probably wears better.

I bought a Staz On Jet Black permanent ink ink pad, a set of Inkadinkado clear acrylic stamp pads, and a set of Recollections Clear Stamps in a font that seemed garagy/workshoppy. Then, I simply inked up the characters I had stuck on the acrylic stamper things and pressed the numbers onto the face of the saw blade.

The clock movement didn't quite fill the hole in the center of the blade, so I used a washer big enough to cover the reminder of the opening that the clock movement stem did not fill. I then tightened the movement down to the washer and the blade.

All you have to do after that is hang it. Make sure you put a sturdy screw into the wall or, in my case, the pine shelving. Saw blades are a little heavy. How do you explain the 10" saw blade clock lodged in your skull to your wife when you need a ride to the hospital? Exactly.