What happens when a fat guy on a golf cart parks on my iPhone?

Here is what a fat man on a golf cart (who apparently doesn't look in front of him while he drives) can do to your iPhone 3Gs that accidentally fell off your golf cart at the previous hole: Crushed iPhone

For those who have weak constitutions, turn away... Oops. Too late. Sorry.

Short story: One day I went golfing with my best friend. I used my iPhone 3Gs as a golf GPS. At the tee on hole number 3, it fell off our golf cart and landed face down on the side of the cart path. While we were playing the short game on hole 3 (up near the green), a fat guy in a hurry rolled up to the tee box and parked his fat ass and his golf cart on top of my iPhone. The end.

$199 later at the local Apple Store, I had a brand-spanking new iPhone 3Gs with not a single scratch on it. Yay (kinda)!